Monday, September 24, 2007

Notes from DC NetSquared Meetup - Tech and Innovation in Africa

Last week I attended the DC NetSquared Meetup, which had the theme of technology and innovation in Africa.

One of the speakers was from Kabissa, an organization based in DC that helps nonprofits in Africa with technology. Here is some of the information that was shared:
  • The founder of Kabissa went to Africa to help organizations have access to e-mail. He found that that these organizations also were interested in having a website. He realized that once he left, there would be no one to help these organizations with technology.
  • The organization first started out as hosting websites for organizations in Africa.
  • 60% of the organizations they work with in Africa work out of computer centers or cybercafes.
  • They work with over 1,000 organizations in Africa.
  • Organizations found out that posting pdf files of books on the web reaches more people.
  • Web 2.0 was defined as the user is the center of the experience.
  • With Web 2.0, Kabissa has helped their members with blogs and have started using a wiki for their training.

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