Friday, May 09, 2008

The Environment and the Internet

I just read an interesting blog entry at comScore Voices titled The Internet Goes Green. It analyzes the number of unique visitors to three environmental related websites (,, and from the past year.

It also shows a few environmental related search terms and the number of times it was searched for in Feb 2007 and Feb 2008. The results showed that 6 of the 7 terms showed an increase. (earth day, recycle, hybrid cars, pollution, ecotourism, and climate change) Global warming was the most searched term but it decreased in the number of searches.

Here is one statement that got my attention in this blog entry -

"So even though we may be less likely to partake in an Earth Day rally today than in the 1970s, it's clear that environmental activism is alive and well – it's just that much of it has moved online."

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