Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How I Have Used Delicious Over the Years

I heard that delicious might be shutting down and I started thinking about how I have used the site over the years.

  • To connect with others through the nptech tag experiment

    I started learning about the nonprofit technology field in late 2004. I learned about the nptech tag experiment in early 2005 and joined delicious to participate. Through this project I connected with Marnie, Deborah, and others.

  • To share resources with others by using tags and analyze what tags other people were using

    When I first started saving bookmarks I used as many tags as I could think of to describe the website. I would always look and see what tags others used to describe sites. I analyzed the nptech bookmarks to see what other tags were used.

  • To learn about resources by tags and popular sites
  • I would always look at tags to see what new sites were added. I also find new sites from the main delicious page.

  • A place to store all my bookmarks and resources I would like to read at a later time
  • To organize the Nonprofit Blog Exchange content
  • Since starting The Nonprofit Blog Exchange, I have added all the blogs that are part of the project to delicious. Every month I write roundups and I keep track of which entries to include by saving them on delicious.

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