Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 Digital Outlook Report Summary

The 2016 Digital Outlook Report was recently released. This was the second year for this report.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 61.06% of respondents had at least one staff member dedicated solely to online digital strategy
  • 52.09% of respondents have a team of at least 2-5 people focused on digital strategy
  • The biggest challenges with regards to planning new and concentrated digital strategy are staff shortages and budget restraints.  These were the top two challenges in 2015 as well. Last year staff shortages was at a higher percentage with a 10% difference and this year they were both tied.  Coming up with engaging content was the 3rd challenge and lack of training on new digital strategies was the 4th.  In 2015, both of these challenges were tied at 40%. This year they were both above 50%
  • Nonprofits will be focusing their efforts the most on videos in 2016. This was the same finding in 2015.  69.3% will be focusing more on videos this year. Website conversion optimization will be the second thing nonprofits will be focusing their efforts on in 2016 (61.9%). Images was the third thing nonprofits will be focusing their efforts on in 2016 (60.4%), which was also in the top three in 2015.  
  • 56% will be looking to test content strategy in 2016
  • 23% of respondents have created supporter personas, while 61% have not done this

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