Sunday, April 02, 2017

How Buttons and Stickers Can Inspire You to Create Visuals

There were lots of buttons and stickers at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference. It seems like the ones that were the most popular were ones with catchy phrases. The ones that weren't as popular were ones that just had logos of a company or organization.

The image below has some of the ones I collected.

My favorite ones were:
  • "My database is like me: open to new connections"
  • "Small Dollars. Big Change."
  • "I want the data and I want it meow"
  • "Build the world you want"

What does this have to do with creating visuals?

Posting visuals on social media is something organizations and companies are doing more of.  People will share a visual if it is interesting. One of the most popular topic boards on Pinterest is inspirational quotes.

If visuals were created like these buttons and stickers, imagine how often these would be shared.

Companies and organizations can experiment with this idea by putting a catchy phrase and their name on a graphic.

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