Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Most Popular Entry and Tagging My Blog Entries

It's been a year since I started this blog.

My most popular entry so far is Tagging Bookmarks with for Educators .

How do I know this?

I use to bookmark, share, and tag my entries. This helps me see how many people bookmark my blog entries.

As of now 19 other users have bookmarked that entry on

The tags I used were blog, education, technology, edtech, tagging,, tag , and tags.

Here is the tag list and the number of users who used each tag:

  • education (12)
  • (12)
  • reference (7)
  • tagging (4)
  • folksonomy (3)
  • delicious (3)
  • elearning (3)
  • blog (3)
  • tags (3)
  • technology (3)
  • tag (2)
  • bookmarking (2)
  • edtech (1)
  • deliciousineducation (1)
  • socialsoftware (1)
  • highereducation (1)
  • ideastoremember (1)
  • vate (1)
  • guide(1)

It's interesting to see how many tags were used to bookmark this entry.

Other observations about this entry:
  • As of now, there are at least 8 blogs or websites referencing this blog entry.
  • Seven people commented on this entry.


Anonymous said...

Great post ... I too am intersted in e-learning and the mission-driven work that nonprofits engage in.

I've recently discovered, and am, frankly, quite addicted (username jdilg). I have an idea for a visualisation research tool related to, but I have no experience in coding/development. If you're interested in learning more about it (or me), drop me a line at jasdilg at yahoo dot com. Cheers!

timoni said...

You can also use technorati trackbacks to see who's linked to your blog entry on their pages.