Saturday, June 03, 2006

Notes from the Remote Tagging Session at Netsquared

Beth started off with the question "What do you think we need to be doing to get more npos tagging?".

Responses to this question were:
  • More npos just need to know what tagging is - then how to do it and how they'll benefit from it
  • Raise awareness of tagging because a lot of NPOs don't know about it, and many of those who do don't see why it's useful
  • Use examples of what others have done and how it's helped them

Points, Questions, and Ideas brought up:

  • tags and "diluted" content
  • resources like NetSquared's Net2Learn are cool
  • seeing tag streams from a set group of people vs. seeing tags streams from everyone
  • discovery apsect of seeing what others are finding and tagging
  • what do you find to be the top benefits to npos using tagging? what are the top "selling points" if you had to make a pitch?
  • It is an easier pitch to the techies
  • how to take the nptech example/model and leverage that to more broadly to nonprofits
  • the nptech tag is useful to see what's interesting others in my field.
  • develop other tag communities
  • structure vs. unstructure tagging
  • "janitor role" to clarify families of tags
  • giving the user a "flag" for content you think is mis-tagged when pulling in a stream
  • we still need some how tos for some of the tools
  • need tips for developing and using tags within a community
  • nonprofit tags for different nonprofit verticals, start by collecting tags people are using
  • for dummies
  • collect case studies of how tagging has been used - especially if it's been directly tied into nonprofit program
  • we need to get more people to add their stories in net2
  • we need people to write about case studies on their blogs and/or websites

After this session, the Tagvocate group on N-TEN Groups was formed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these notes. I'm not sure what the term tag janitor means, but I think of tag gardeners as folks who say, create a seperate feed for items they tag as highlights from a particularly busy feed. I think it would be nice if someone did that for nptech, for example. One other thought, I use myself, but I used to use Furl for the page cache function, other folks like other tagging systems (see for one list of popular options) and I think it's a good idea to not just look at That's why I put together

Best wishes!

Unknown said...

I would sure like to know about tagging and can use some help figuring out some things for my own site, such as increased content etc. I have the tech know how of a brick though. thanks, scott