Thursday, July 18, 2013

14 Things Nonprofits Can Learn from The Millennial Impact Report

The Millennial Impact Project published their 2013 Report.  Here are some of the findings -

  • Millennials prefer to share information about the cause, not the organization itself
  • Millennials use websites first to learn about the organization, and then connect with their social networks to stay updated
  • 75% of Millennials like, retweet, or share content on social media
  • Millennials like photos
  • Millennials' biggest website pet peeve is when the information has not been recently updated  (I wrote a blog entry on Website Pet Peeves in 2005)
  • Millennial Action Taken On Websites - 51% connect via social media, 46% donated to a cause, 46% read a blog post
  • More than 60% of respondents liked it most when nonprofits shared stories about successful projects or the people they help
  • Organizations should post regularly on Facebook with photos, infographics, and videos 
  • Make sure the "About" section on your website is easy to find
  • Make it clear how to get involved with your organization
  • Include a way to donate on your homepage
  • Show a clear call to action in e-mail messages
  • Show how the money donated goes towards specific projects
  • Include photos of who or what the money donated goes towards

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