Thursday, July 04, 2013

How the National Museum of American History Uses Social Media

The National Museum of American History does a great job of using social media. Since today is the 4th of July, I wanted to share examples of how they use social media.


The museum's blog, O Say Can You See?, has been around since 2008.  The blog has lots of content about their collections with photos in each post.


Their account currently has 1546 pins, which is the most of any Smithsonian account on Pinterest.  Boards include American Flag, Flags at the Smithsonian (group board for Smithsonian), and Today in History.

The Smithsonian Twitter account shared their group board in a tweet on Flag Day (June 14). Their tweet was "Check out our pinterest board showcasing U.S. flag use".  This is such a great way to spread the word about a Pinterest board.


They share daily "Today in..." tweets with links to their website.


They post "Today in..." posts, links to their blog, and links to Pinterest.  Each post has a photo.

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