Saturday, January 29, 2005

Community Technology Review

I recently browsed through the Winter 2005 Community Technology Review and found 2 articles that really interested me.

The was first article was "An Introduction to The Journal of Community Informatics". This intrested me because I recently graduated college with a degree in Informatics. I recently heard of community informatics and I really would like to learn more about it. I completed a course called Social Informatics and it seems like the topics are very similar. I am not sure how the two are different.

The second article that interested me was "An Interactive, Web-based Training for Teenage Mentors". I was very interested in reading this article because one of my career goals is to develop web-based training. When I first heard of training, I thought it meant corporate training which is really not my first choice in developing training. However, I am now realizing that training can be in an educational, non-profit, or government setting. That interests me alot more.

Until I read the article, I had never thought of training youth for non-profit volunteering or work. Developing e-learning for youth is something I would enjoy doing. It could either be e-learning with educational topics (school subjects) or non-profit training.

Since I am interested in web-based training I viewed the demonstration. I really thought the training was developed well. I really liked the open ended questions and who wants to be a mentor activities. However, there should have been another interactive activity to test their knowledge on on confidentiality. There could have been questions that asked if a topic was either an activity & skills or content of discussion.

Thanks to the article I have found another area of web-based training that interests me.

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