Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Website Validation

Last year in college I learned about validating websites when I was learning XHTML and CSS (cascading style sheets).

I haven't thought about website validation that much until this week. Techsoup is having a discussion this week on web accessible sites. Many organizations have been submitting their sites to be reviewed. One tool that is being used to check these websites is the website validator.

Since I design websites, I decided to check the validation for these websites. Most of these sites had lots of errors. Even though I am still learning the standards, I was surprised to see some of these errors. There were so many errors with the HTML code. I noticed on a couple of sites that there was more than one body or html tag, and that really bothered me. Another common error I saw was closing a tag that was not open. Almost all the errors on these sites were with the img tag not having the alt attribute (a text explanation of images).

After looking at these websites, I decided there is a need for nonprofits to learn more about checking for errors on their site and basic HTML knowledge.

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