Thursday, February 17, 2005

What I realized this week about the nptech tag experiment

  1. Not many people are participating in the experiment (about 35).
  2. There is still a lot more to add.
  3. The experiment needs to be advertised more.
  4. It is ok to tag a link with nptech even if it is already tagged with nptech (it actually helps the experiment).
  5. Since blogging and rss is still new, it would be a good idea to start finding blogs non-profits write and tag them.
  6. Many people do not tag the main address of a website which makes things more complicated. For example, instead of tagging a website with, users tag with or any other webpage on the site.
  7. On websites where there are articles, people link to the webpage of the article, not to the actual website.
  8. The experiment is fun to participate in!!

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