Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nonprofit Technology

I have been participating in the nptech tag experiment by gathering links that are companies that provide technology services to non-profits, organizations that are involved with technology in some way, and articles or blog entries with content about non-profits and technology.

I have been reading these articles and websites trying to figure out what needs to be improved in nonprofit technology, and how I can make a difference. I am currently seeking employment in nonprofit technology, and I am ready ready to make a difference.

I have started a list of things that could use some improvement and I hope to add to it as I come up with more things. My list is included below.


1) to update their websites
2) to analyze the needs of their organization before applying technology
3) to analyze the needs of their users/clients
4) to learn how to communicate on the web
5) to be familiar with web standards and accessibility
6) to learn how to train staff, volunteers, members
7) to realize the importance of their web presence
8) to write technology plans

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