Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Social Networking for Nonprofits

Both MySpace and Friendster have the potential to be successful with nonprofits. In fact, I have already seen some nonprofits use these websites. MySpace is more popular and nonprofits have more of a presence there.

How can these sites work for nonprofits?

  • Profiles - Create an account for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Members will be able to add you as a friend. Include information about your organization, issue, or campaign. Provide a link to your website address.

  • Blogs - You can create a blog with your account. Even if you have another blog, you should still consider creating a blog to reach the younger audience. Include information related to news, how to get involved, and other related topics.

  • Groups- Create a group for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Both sites have a Nonprofit category and have many groups already listed. A group will allow you to have discussions about various topics.

Examples from MySpace

Profiles/Blogs -

The Humane Society


Oxfam America


World Preserve

Worthy Causes Foundation

Help The Harp Seal

After creating your profile or group, be sure to add a link to it on your website and blog. The
Worthy Causes Foundation Website is a good example of this.

These examples show that nonprofits can participate in social networking, even though it may be a younger audience. Anything related to the environment, health, and campaigns seem to attract this audience.

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