Friday, November 03, 2006

Tagging to Help Teachers

Last week I participated in the Wiki Session of the K12 Online Conference. In this session, participants were asked to sign up for a subject and then given a topic to work on in teams. My topic was Tagging To Help Teachers.

I was excited to have this topic for two reasons:

  1. I have already started researching how tagging is used in education. In April 2005, I wrote a blog entry titled Tagging with for Educators. This was a very basic introduction to and how educators can use it. Now tagging seems to be used more in education and written about on different websites.
  2. I am also interested in the use of tagging in the nonprofit sector. In May 2006, there was a presentation at NetSquared on tagging. I participated in the tagging session in the remote conference and my notes are found here. After participating in this, I started compiling a list of websites that explained tagging. I also started researching information about tags being used in different industries. I think since tagging is very new, it is important to learn how it is used in different types of places.

Since I already had some knowledge about this topic, I contributed alot to the wiki, which ended up coming in 3rd place in the event.

I contributed content to the following sections:

  • Benefits of Tagging for Educators
  • How Can Teachers Use Tagging
  • Benefits of Tagging Standards
  • Proposal for Standards
  • Websites Using Tags

I found a great article on eSchool News titled For some educators, tagging is 'it' . This helped me with content for the first two sections I worked on.

I added alot of content to the standards sections and came up with the idea for the proposal for standards. The basic idea was to include at least 3 tags in each resource.

The 3 tags are:

  • Grade Level: Kindergarten, 1stGrade ......12thGrade
  • Subject: Use a broad subject like Math or Science. High School teachers might want to be more specifc and add another tag for the subject like Algebra, Geometry, Biology, or Chemistry.
  • Specific Tag: Add another tag that describes the resource in more detail. For example, you tag a site about adding fractions. You can use addition, fractions, or both.

An example of this tagging standard is :
11thGrade Math Algebra Addition Fractions

To find resources that are tagged with all 5 tags you would use

For more information, you can check out the wiki.

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