Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thoughts about nptech tag - January 2007

I've written a few entries before about my thoughts about the nptech tag and how I use it. However, it has been awhile since I have posted this information.

The nptech tag started as an experiment around January 2005, which is when I began using the tag and began writing this blog.

Here is a list of the blog entries I wrote about the nptech tag in the first 6 months:

Looking back at my earlier postings, I see the nptech tag as a way I became involved in nonprofit technology and learning more about the field. Through my participation in the nptech tag, my involvement in nonprofit technology grew and led to new things.

What are my thoughts about the nptech tag in early 2007?

Since NetSquared started and the tag Net2 is used, I have been trying to figure out what the difference is between the two tags. Everything tagged net2 could easily be tagged nptech. However, not everything nptech could be tagged net2.

Alot has changed over the two years. The goal was to figure out what other tags people were using besides nptech. Eventually this was going to be a taxonomy. This is what I thought -

"I can see this experiment lead to a virtual library about nonprofit technology. Imagine a place where you can find news resources, pictures, and other media about nonprofit technology. That is what I hope to see. "

However, I don't think this is the direction the nptech tag is going in, which is fine since this was started as an experiment. I also don't think people are using other tags when tagging items with nptech. I know when I first started I went tag crazy and came up with maybe 10 tags for each bookmark. Now I just want to share the bookmark as fast as I can and just tag it with nptech.

I imagine others are doing this too. You find a resource to share with others in nonprofit technology/nonprofit sector and you tag it with nptech since many users use the tag.

I still think nptech needs to be promoted more, especially at nonprofits. I also wish there could be a way to find out who the users are.

Answers to Questions (from Beth's Blog)

1) How are you using the NpTech Tag?
I currently tag my bookmarks on using nptech.

2) Do you subscribe to the feed to find resources?
I used to, but unsubscribed because I decided I wasn't interested in the links. However, this might change in the near future and I might subscribe again.

3) Do you read the summaries?
I read them and sometimes click on the links.

4) Do you tag items with the NpTech as a form of promotion or outreach?
not really, I used nptech when I first started the nonprofit blog exchange to promote it

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