Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005

Here are the 5 blogs I recommend for Blog Day 2005:

  1. The Future of Mathematics: This is a great blog for math educators. The entries have information on using Flickr, blogs, and digital images for teaching math.
  2. Information Wants to Be Free: This blog has information about libraries, technology, and job searching.
  3. SimpleBits: This blog has information on designing websites.
  4. WCC Family Tech: Each entry of this blog has links to education related websites.
  5. Spark Armada: This blog is written by the person who came up with the idea for blog day. Most of the entries are about blog day. There are some entries about technology and Israel.

Blog Day Website

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tagging Missions of Organizations

I started researching organizations to help me with my job search and I have been looking at the missions of these various organizations. Even though I am looking for a technology related position, I decided I would first focus on organizations whose missions interest me. I am interested in organizations related to education, environment, and health.

Through my research and the recent posts about the use of Flickr for nonprofits, I have realized the nptech tag can be used in other ways. Learning about tagging is not just a skill for techies, it is a skill for anyone.

More uses of nptech

  • bookmark blogs of non-profit organizations
  • bookmark blogs or blog entires about an issue
  • take pictures at non-profit related events and tag them on Flickr
  • write a blog entry about an issue and tag it using tags on Technorati

How can non-profit organizations use tags?

  • Tag images, bookmarks, and blog entries to share with others who might be interested in the mission of your organization.
  • Look at the users of the tags and see who else is interested in the mission of your organization
  • Find images on Flickr related to the mission of your organization. Images found on the Creative Commons section can be used for websites, newsletters, or blog entries.
  • Find bookmarks on to help with researching about the mission of your organization.
  • Find blog entries on Technorati related to the mission of your organization.

Tags (missions, events, organizations)

  • conservation
  • ecology
  • pollution
  • raceforthecure
  • recycling
  • redcross
  • wildlife

I will be adding to this list as I find more tags.

I decided to write an entry about this topic after reading the following blog entries:

Wonder what flickr has to do with nonprofits?

Digital Images for Nonprofits, Courtesy of Flickr and Creative Commons

Flickr and Nonprofits