Monday, April 26, 2010

The Connection Between Websites and Social Media

Even though I was not able to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference this year, I was able to attend one session virtually through Causecast. The session was "The Art of Aligning Social Media Strategy With Communications Strategy".

Here are two things I learned from this session:

1) The purpose of social media is to drive traffic to websites.
2) Websites come before using social media. "Eat your vegetables (website) before you eat dessert. Social media is dessert."

I have been thinking about these things and how websites and social media relate to each other.

Here are some tips for nonprofits:

Analyzing Visitors, Fans, and Followers
  • Check your website analytics and see what your top pages are on your website. This is what your visitors are interested in. Make sure this content is posted on social media.
  • What type of content are your fans on Facebook commenting on, asking about, or liking? What are people retweeting or talking about on twitter? Are you putting enough content about these topics on your website?

Content to Share on Social Media

  • Press Releases
  • Campaign Pages
  • Fundraiser Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Volunteer/Job Opportunities
  • New Additions to Website

I look forward to attending NTC in DC next year!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Ways to Improve Facebook Pages

1. Content

Update your content on your facebook page regularly. It does not have to be daily, but at least once a week to keep content fresh.

2. Promote Your Facebook Page

Do people know that you have a facebook page? Are you looking for more fans? Remember to let people know by including information about your page on your website, e-mails, and anything printed or on the web.