Thursday, September 21, 2006

Web 2.0 in Education

Using Web 2.0 technologies in an educational setting is a topic I am very interested in. While researching this topic, I discovered two education blogs.

The first blog I discovered is called
Education as a Conversation. This blog contains lots of information about web 2.0. One of my favorite entries in this blog is titled Social Software and student collaboration: blog, wikis, and groups . This entry describes how a class divided in groups can work together in their group using these tools. Another interesting post on this blog is about social bookmarking and tags.

The second blog I discovered is called
Word of Mouth Blog. I came to this blog by learning about The 19 Best Elearning Blogs post. While browsing the blog, I read the newest post on the blog titled Elearning 2.0 is About People.