Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tagging to Organize Content

I have been thinking alot lately about how tagging and social bookmarking can be used in the nonprofit sector. The one thing that I thought of right away was using tags to organize content better. That means use tags that will help you find content better.

How can you use tags?

  • Create a tag that will be used for news and press releases for your organization. Give the URL and/or RSS feed to people outside of your organization to keep up with the news.
  • Create tags related to your mission to find links and photos easier
  • Create tags for events
  • Are you a large organization? Keep track of your members or chapter websites, blogs, other related items using a tag.
  • Need to collaborate with other staff members for a project, research, or event? Create a tag for to help collaborate better.
  • Do you work at a museum or are you creating a scrapbook? Be sure to tag photos to find these items easier.

These are just a few ways you can use tags. What other ways can you think of?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Social Networking for Nonprofits

Both MySpace and Friendster have the potential to be successful with nonprofits. In fact, I have already seen some nonprofits use these websites. MySpace is more popular and nonprofits have more of a presence there.

How can these sites work for nonprofits?

  • Profiles - Create an account for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Members will be able to add you as a friend. Include information about your organization, issue, or campaign. Provide a link to your website address.

  • Blogs - You can create a blog with your account. Even if you have another blog, you should still consider creating a blog to reach the younger audience. Include information related to news, how to get involved, and other related topics.

  • Groups- Create a group for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Both sites have a Nonprofit category and have many groups already listed. A group will allow you to have discussions about various topics.

Examples from MySpace

Profiles/Blogs -

The Humane Society


Oxfam America


World Preserve

Worthy Causes Foundation

Help The Harp Seal

After creating your profile or group, be sure to add a link to it on your website and blog. The
Worthy Causes Foundation Website is a good example of this.

These examples show that nonprofits can participate in social networking, even though it may be a younger audience. Anything related to the environment, health, and campaigns seem to attract this audience.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Should your organization use new technologies?

Organizations should look into using new technologies like blogs, rss feeds, tagging, and podcasts in their organization. All of these new tools have the potential to be useful in the nonprofit sector. However, it varies from organization to organization.

You should not use a new technology (or any technology) just to use it. You need to set goals. What do you want to accomplish by using this new technology? How will it help your organization?

Create a plan on implementing the technology.

For example, you want to start a blog for your organization. Who will be updating the blog? Who do you hope will be reading the blog? What content will you include? How often will you be posting new entries?

Evaulate the technology as time goes on. Is it successful? What works? What does not work? How can you make improvements?

More information about technology planning -

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making Connections Online Through Blogs

I just read an interesting article titled Blogging Connections: Real Life Meetings.

The article brings up two main points-

1) Bloggers are considered experts in their fields and many bloggers speak at events.

2) Many bloggers meet each other in person at blogging related events. They also meet each other at events not related to blogging.

Bloggers have already established a relationship with other bloggers. But when bloggers meet face to face, they are able to expand their relationship. These connections would have never happened without the blogging experience.

What does this mean in the nonprofit sector?

I have already seen and heard about some of these things happening. As a blogger, who mainly writes about nonprofit technology, I have made connections with other nonprofit bloggers. If it was not for the blogs, I would have never made these connections. I know it will be easy to make a connection with these bloggers if we ever meet face to face.

Even though I have not been to a conference yet. I know bloggers are considered experts in nonprofit technology, especially nonprofit blogging. They do speak at events. I have read on nonprofit blogs that bloggers do meet each other at these events.