Monday, January 17, 2005

Developing Teacher Training

If I were to develop teacher training, I would use the ADDIE Model (analysis,design, development, implement, evaluation), and do the following:
  1. Create a survey for teachers to fill out. This would have questions relating to technology like searching the Internet, using Microsoft Office, designing a webpage, and other topics.
  2. Look over the results and see what it is that teachers are lacking. This is very important to do because it is hard to develop training without knowing what the audience is like.
  3. Divide up the topics into different training sessions.
  4. Decide if the training would be web-based, computer-based, or in person.
  5. Write the objectives of the training session.
  6. Write the content, examples, and questions for the training session.
  7. Deliver the training.
  8. Teachers would then be asked questions related to the topic. This would not only evaluate the teacher's progress, but it would also evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

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