Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Participating in the nptech tag experiment

Since January, I have been participating in the nptech tagging experiment on

My interest in nptech tag

Since I graduated college last year, my career goal has been to find a web design or training position in Washington, DC with either a nonprofit organization or technology company that provides services to nonprofits.

A year ago, I started researching the internet to learn more about nonprofit technology and how I would be able to make a difference. Through my web searches I found nonprofit technology resources like Techsoup and the Information Systems Forum. Then my list of nonprofit technology resources grew. I had a collection of links that included nonprofit technology organizations, web design companies in DC that design websites for non-profits, and articles that interested me relating to nonprofits and technology.

In December 2004, I first learned about the nptech tagging experiment on At first I was not sure I wanted to participate in this experiment since I do not work in nonprofit technology yet and did not know what nonprofit technology professionals would be interested in. I also did not know anything about tagging, but was willing to learn.

After reading more about the experiment, I finally decided to participate and sign up on

How do I use the nptech tag?

I first started using nptech to tag my bookmarks that I already found that were nonprofit technology related. I wanted to share my links with others. Since my interest is in designing websites for nonprofits, I started sharing bookmarks related to that.

As I spent more time tagging nptech, I started sharing blogs and articles about nonprofit blogging. I also started sharing websites and articles about usability, accessibility, and anything else web design related that nonprofits might be interested in.

I also browse the nptech tag stream on to see what other nonprofit resources nptech taggers are tagging.

What have I gained by participating in this?

By participating in the nptech tag experiment, I have learned more about nonprofit technology and how to tag with I also learned about blogs and started reading nonprofit related blogs. I have also met new people by participating in nptech tagging.

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