Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making Connections Online Through Blogs

I just read an interesting article titled Blogging Connections: Real Life Meetings.

The article brings up two main points-

1) Bloggers are considered experts in their fields and many bloggers speak at events.

2) Many bloggers meet each other in person at blogging related events. They also meet each other at events not related to blogging.

Bloggers have already established a relationship with other bloggers. But when bloggers meet face to face, they are able to expand their relationship. These connections would have never happened without the blogging experience.

What does this mean in the nonprofit sector?

I have already seen and heard about some of these things happening. As a blogger, who mainly writes about nonprofit technology, I have made connections with other nonprofit bloggers. If it was not for the blogs, I would have never made these connections. I know it will be easy to make a connection with these bloggers if we ever meet face to face.

Even though I have not been to a conference yet. I know bloggers are considered experts in nonprofit technology, especially nonprofit blogging. They do speak at events. I have read on nonprofit blogs that bloggers do meet each other at these events.

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Anonymous said...

I can confirm this. I can even confirm that it's fun and worthwhile. For visual proof see photos tagged nptech, net2, nten etc. in Flickr. Lots of smiles, very thoughtful, productive looking smiles.