Monday, August 14, 2006

Nonprofit Blogosphere Roundup #1

Here is a summary of what nonprofit bloggers have been writing about in the past few weeks.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) had a Cat Photo Contest. In their blog, they posted pictures of the 2006 Cat Photo Contest Winners. The ASPCA blog just started using tags in their blog.

Celeste at Studio 501C wrote about a guide for nonprofit publications. This guide is called PR 2.0 Essentials and "it would be helpful to nontechies in nonprofits who want to learn how to interact with external audiences through social bookmarking, RSS, blogs, podcasts, and more."

The Artful Manager wrote an entry about planning presentations with links to resources on this topic.

There was a recently a Blogathon where bloggers raise money for charities. One of the charities that bloggers raised money for was First Book, a member of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange. They wrote about the results of the Blogathon in their blog. Nine bloggers blogged for First Book and they raised more than $2250 for the organization, which will buy over 900 new books for children in need.

The Wellspring, a blog about youth affairs opportunities in Australia & the United Nations (UN), wrote a series of entries about developing your own website - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Care2's blog, frogloop, has an entry titled The Value of Planning which is about a recent article on GetActive about e-mail communications .

Network for Good has a new study titled "Impulse on the Internet: How Crisis Compels Donors to Give Online." Beth of Beth's Blog wrote a blog entry about this study at her entry titled Network for Good Study of Disaster Giving.

While on the topic of disasters, Where Most Needed has an entry about a recent report about the Indian Ocean Tsumami. This entry can be found at Tsunami Report Calls for Accreditation of Charities.

Are you interested in making your website more donor friendly? Jeff of the Donor Power Blog wrote an entry on this topic titled Nonprofit Diseases: Web Blockage.

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