Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tagging in the Nonprofit Sector

After reading the recent entries on tagging on Beth's Blog , I started thinking more about nptech and tags being used in the nonprofit sector.

The nptech tag is by far the most popular tag being used in the nonprofit sector. It has grown so much over the 2 years. Another popular nonprofit related tag is net2, which is for NetSquared.

In addition to nptech and net2, there are other nonprofit related tags used.

The following tags I started using and others have began using as well:
  • npblog
  • npflickr
  • npsl (nonprofit second life)
  • npblogexchange
  • nptag (nonprofit tagging)
  • npyoutube
  • npmashup

The tags below are used by a few people and suggested in the NPTagvocates Affinity Group:

  • NPEnviro
  • NPWorkDev
  • NPSocialJustice
  • NPol
  • NPArts
  • NPHealth
  • NPYouth
  • NPEdu
  • NPDisasterRelief
  • NPlegal

About a year ago, Jillaine began using tags. Her tags include the following:

  • nonprofit_communications
  • nonprofit_publication
  • nonprofit_management
  • npo_consultants
  • nptech_advocacy

Heather of Aspiration has recently started using tags. She wrote an entry about the tags she uses at Tagging for Nonprofit Operations at her tags are found here. Listed below are tags she uses:

  • npoaccounting
  • npoboards
  • npocommunications
  • npoeducation
  • npofinance
  • npofundraising
  • npohr
  • npoleadership
  • npolegal
  • npooperations
  • nporesearch
  • nporiskmanagement
  • npostartup
  • npotraining

Pam of Nonprofit Eye recently wrote about the tags she is using at TAG YOU'RE IT: NON-PROFIT TAG SYSTEMS . Listed below are some of the tags she uses:

  • NonProfit2.0
  • NonprofitCompensation
  • NonProfitCompliance
  • NonProfitEthics
  • NonProfitManagement
  • NonProfitResearch
  • NonProfitResources
  • NonprofitSalary
  • NonprofitStartup
  • NPAccounting
  • NPBlog
  • NPBranding
  • NPFinancialManagement
  • NPLegislation
  • NPMarketing
  • NPResearch
  • NPResource

Trends I am seeing:

  • Tags are starting with either np, nonprofit, npo, or nonprofit_
  • nptech is the most popular tag being used
  • Common topics for tags include education, communications, legal, research, accounting

Since there are no rules for tagging, I suggest using whatever tags you want to organize your information. If you want your tags (or items being tagged) to be seen in the nonprofit sector, use nptech.

What other tags are being used across the nonprofit sector? Have I missed anything?

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P. Ashlund said...

Hi Emily, the whole thing about tagging (in frustrates me because you can't use spaces. It reminds of the old computer operating systems (like DOS) that had 8 letter file name limitations. Of course it encourages elegance (a point mathematicians and programmers are especially appreciative). Still, if I were looking for tags on nonprofit fundraising it wouldn't intuitively occur to me to look under npfund, etc.