Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nonprofit Blogtipping - March 2007

I decided to try this new idea with blogtipping as suggested by Kivi. I am a little late in posting, but I still wanted to post my entry for this month.

1. ASPCA Blog

What I like:

  • Lots of interesting facts about animals
  • Mentions new content/news in the blog
  • Use of labels/categories

Tip: For news alert entries - link to the webpage and not hyperlink articles. It makes these entries confusing. Keep the format the same though, but without the links. If you do end up keeping the links to the articles, make sure they work.

SOS News and Views

What I like:

  • Writeup of events/programs
  • Pictures on entries
  • Advertisement of events/programs

Tip: Remove the pictures on the top to avoid scrolling to read the blog. If the pictures are kept, limit it to 3 or make them smaller so it only takes up one row.

3. First Book Blog

What I like:

  • Mention books connected to holidays and timely events
  • Different staff members write blog entries
  • Use of images for blog posts

Tip: Try to come up with posts that will encourage readers to post comments. For example, ask questions.

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anonymous said...

Great job blogtipping, Emily! Feel free to leave a comment my blogtipping roundup post for March so everyone knows where to find this post.