Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Best of the Nonprofit Social Web in 2007

This month's Net2 Think Tank question was "Who is the Best of the Nonprofit Social Web for 2007?"

Here are my thoughts-

Best Social Web Tools: Fundraising Widgets

In 2007, fundraising widgets have become popular on websites and blogs for nonprofits. Supporters of organizations can also add a widget to their website or blog. There are a few fundraising widgets that are used, but SixDegrees and ChipIn seem to be used the most.

Best Facebook Application for Nonprofits: Causes

The Causes Application is the best application for nonprofits because it allows nonprofits to fundraise and see how many people support their cause.

Best Nonprofit for Raising Awareness Through Facebook:
Susan G Komen for the Cure

Susan G. Komen for the Cure created a Pink Ribbon application for Facebook which allows members to add a pink ribbon to their profile and recruit other members. This was started for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. They set a goal to reach 2,000,000 members and they accomplished this goal.

The pink ribbon application is still being added to profiles each day.

Some statistics:

9/20/07 360 users with Pink Ribbons
10/20/07 1,080,814 users with Pink Ribbons
10/31/07 1,861,911 users with Pink Ribbons
11/04/07 2,015,652 users with Pink Ribbons (reached their goal)
11/30/07 2,796,000 users with Pink Ribbons
12/27/07 2,972,709 users with Pink Ribbons

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