Sunday, March 27, 2011

Notes from 5 Biggest Trends in Online Fundraising Session

This session was about Blackbaud's 2010 Online Giving Report. Here is a summary of the session and the report.

Questions Always Asked
  • How much money is raised online
  • How much money raised is from online

2010 Online Giving Report
  • Online giving went up 35%
  • January was the month that had the largest percentage of online giving for 2010 . Usually December is the month that has the largest percentage. For 2010, 18.4% of online giving took place in January and 18.3% took place in December. This was because of the Haiti earthquake.
  • International Affairs went up by 130.8%
  • Activists are 7 times more likely to donate
  • Best targets for activists - a repeat activist who took action within the last 24 hours, current donor who took action within the last month, or a super activist who took 6+ actions in the last 12 months
  • Ask to give after taking action
  • Nonprofits on Facebook- 77.6% raise less than $1,000
  • Mobile giving is the future
  • Organizations can use the report by looking at the trends for the size of the organization and by sector

Fundraising for Emergencies

  • Be prepared
  • Act quick
  • Most people give on websites and do not wait for a message to give

Online Giving for Disasters

  • People give within the first 5 days
  • Online giving in the first 5 days after the Haiti Earthquake was 19% more than the 2004 Asian Tsunami and 109% more than Hurricane Katrina

An interesting question was asked at the session asking if other online fundraising reports showed the same trends. I am interested in looking at other reports to see how they are alike and different.

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