Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nonprofit Editorial Calendar Resources

Editorial calendars is a topic people are interested in talking about in the Nonprofit Digital Communications CoP that I organize for NTEN.

I shared a bunch of resources related to editorial calendars and asked for other resources to be added to the list.  I created a document with all the resources at editorial calendar resources. This includes resources related to nonprofits and general editorial calendar resources.

Here is a list of resources that are about nonprofit editorial calendars:

LightBox Collaborative's 2014 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendars - Resources for You (from Kivi's Nonprofit Marking Guide)

How to Create a Nonprofit Editorial Calendar (from Network for Good)

5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Nonprofit's 2014 Editorial Calendar (from Douglas Gould and Company)

How to Create an Editorial Calendar (from Ann Green's Nonprofit Blog)

Developing an Editorial Calendar for Your Nonprofit Marketing Team (from Salsa)

What editorial calendar resources can be added to the list?

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