Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Summary of 2015 Nonprofit Content Marketing Report

The 2015 Nonprofit Content Marketing Report was recently published by Blackbaud and The Content Marketing Institute.

Here are some of the findings:
  • 35% of the respondents said their content marketing is effective in their organization.
  • The top two goals for nonprofit content marketing are brand awareness (87%) and engagement (84%)
  • The top three metrics used to measure content marketing success are increased event attendance/participation (55%) , website traffic (54%) and increased fundraising (44%). Website traffic and increased fundraising were also the top three metrics last year.
  • 50% of the respondents created more content over the past year compared to last year.
  • The average number of marketing audiences is 4.
  • The top six ways nonprofits market their content are social media content-other than blogs (93%), in person events (89%), e-newsletters (88%), articles on website (86%), illustrations/photos (86%), and videos (82%). 
  • The social media site used the most is Facebook at 94%. Facebook was also the most used last year.  Last year's data showed Twitter as the second most used site at 69% and this year it is also the second most used at 84%.  It is interesting to note that each social media site used has increased over the past year. 
  • Facebook is also the most effective social media site used.
  • 48% of nonprofits publish new content daily or multiple times a week.
  • The top three challenges nonprofit marketers face are lack of budget (56%), measuring content effectiveness (52%), and producing engaging content (49%).
  • Nonprofit marketers are currently working on becoming better storytellers (66%), creating visual content (63%), creating more engaging/higher quality content (62%), better understanding of audience (59%), and organizing content on website (59%). 

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