Monday, March 27, 2006

History Podcast

Interesting article titled "Podcast technology helps students at home" about a history teacher podcasting.

Here is part of the article-

Some students usually can't wait to get out of class. Others, such as 14-year-old Adrienne Graskemper, can't wait to listen to her teacher Eric Langhorst again and again and again.

Langhorst is an eighth-grade history teacher in the Liberty School District, and his secret weapon is podcasting. He is among a handful of teachers who use podcasts to help students review for exams and to supplement their education outside the classroom.

Because podcasting is relatively new, it's difficult to gauge how widespread it is in the classroom. Education experts specializing in information technology simply say the number is small.

Podcasts are like radio shows that can be downloaded to a personal computer or an MP3 player, allowing listeners to tune in anytime, anywhere.

Langhorst's Web site - - is a mix of blogging and podcasting. Blogs are online diaries that allow readers to post feedback.

On the site, Langhorst interviews civic leaders and a television director. He has links to other sites that he thinks are interesting. He reviews lessons so students can better prepare for tests, and he hosts a forum for student comments.

"It's just another tool to create an environment in which
they want to learn about history," he said.

And students seem to appreciate his efforts. "I listen to it before I go to sleep," Graskemper said. "I think it makes social studies easier than my other classes."

The complete article is at Podcast technology helps students at home and the blog is at Speaking of History...

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