Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nonprofit Blogosphere Roundup #2

Here is a summary of what nonprofit bloggers have been writing since my last roundup:

Social Networking

Are you looking for ideas on how to improve your organization's profile on MySpace? Mara of
Democracy in Action wrote an article about MySpace Best Practices for Nonprofits.

Interested in learning how nonprofits, advocacy groups, or politicians can use websites like MySpace or YouTube? Bonnie of Development Seed brings up some good points about this topic in her article titled Should MySpace be your space?.

Credit Unions are also using MySpace. There is a great discussion about this topic at MySpace for Credit Unions.

Website Accessibility/Web Design

Some of my readers might remember an entry I wrote in February titled Target being sued over inaccessible website. This is in the news again and nonprofit bloggers are writing about accessible websites. These entries include Is Your Web Site Accessible? and Website Accessibility.

Is your website effective? Betsy of Betsy's Blog writes about this topic in her entry titled A Note About Effective Websites.

Are you interested in learning more about RSS or creating your own RSS feed? There is a great article about this topic on Blue Sky Collaborative's Fundraising Blog titled RSS is an opportunity for nonprofits. It has a brief introduction on what RSS is, information on how RSS is a powerful tool for nonprofits, and a step by step guide on how to create your own RSS feed.

Other Topics

Are you visiting another country or city and interested in learning about the nonprofits in that area? Marc of the npMarketing Blog was planning a trip to Ireland and wrote an entry titled NPO Marketing in Ireland about organizations in the area.

Also on the npMarketing Blog you will find an entry about some topics he learned about at the Games for Health Conference he recently attended. Marc hopes to bring The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society into the gaming scene.

Are you interested in a fundraising project that involves art? The blogger of the fundit is interested in this and wrote an entry about the project that The Urban Forest Project is doing in New York.

SOS Community Services , an organization that serves homeless families and children in MI, posted a blog entry titled Helping Homeless Families Over the Holidays about ways for groups and individuals to get involved in helping the organization during the holidays.

Jeff of the Donor Power Blog wrote an entry titled Three ways to make email work for nonprofits . He points his readers to E-Mail Energizes Nonprofit Efforts, an article in DM News about ways e-mail can help nonprofit marketing and fundraising and has examples of what nonprofits have done with e-mail.

Through the ASPCA Blog, I learned that ASPCA has a website for education, by reading the entry titled Educators and Parents: Teach Kids About Emergency Preparedness. ASPCA Education has resources for educators and parents about learning to care for animals in homes and communities. This blog entry points us to their resource about pets and emergencies.

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