Thursday, December 21, 2006

Healthcare Blogosphere Survey

In July 2006, Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network launched the first global survey of healthcare bloggers. They launched the survey because the healthcare blogosphere is rapidly growing in size and importance.

The results of the survey are now available and you can view the full report at .

Here are the findings of the survey that I thought were interesting:

  • 3.3% of the respondents classified their blog as an advocacy org/nonprofit
  • When asked about the most important reason they started blogging, 19.2% of the respondents stated that they blog to educate others and 8.5% of the respondents blog to advocate for a cause
  • When asked about the second most important reason they started blogging, 24.9% of the respondents (the majority of the respondents) said they blog to educate others and 11.9% blog to advocate for a cause
  • 55.7% blog about health news, 60.9% blog about personal experiences, and 47.1% blog about disease information

Since not many of the bloggers that participated in this survey blog for a nonprofit, I started thinking about the blogs I have come across that are for health related organizations and the content health organizations could blog about.

What health organization blogs do you read? What do you think health related nonprofits should be blogging about?

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Judi Sohn said...

We are a small nonprofit dedicated to colorectal cancer advocacy. We have two blogs, one focusing on research and events, the other is focused on grassroots and advocacy. No one ever asked us to participate in any survey. ;-)

While we accept comments on our blogs, and have gotten a few, the best part about blogging is the speed in which we can get information up that is of benefit to colorectal cancer patients.

We are still trying to build community around our advocacy blog, but it hasn't happened yet. People read our blogs and they have a nice following (not so much via RSS), but then they tend to email us and get involved in other ways (we have an advocate listserv).