Friday, November 19, 2010

Nonprofit Awareness Through Websites

The most important thing an organization needs to have on the Internet is a website. People look at websites to learn more about organizations.

Whenever I learn about an organization through Twitter or blogs, I always check out their website to learn more about them. I always want to know what their mission is and where they are located. It is very important that organizations include their website address in their profiles on social media sites and blogs.

Nonprofits can increase awareness by having the following information on their websites:
  • Mission
  • Information About Programs, Events, and Campaigns
  • Information About Topics Related to the Organization
  • Press Releases / News Articles About Organization
  • Contact Information

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Claire Sale said...

Great post Emily! I've just included it in our Net2 Think Tank Round-up on using the web to raise awareness. Here's the link: