Monday, December 28, 2015

Improve Your Nonprofit Blog in 2016 With These 4 Things

1.  A blog title

The title of the blog is what you see in the browser window.  Many blogs have a header on the page with the name of the blog but they don't have a descriptive title for the blog.

Titles like Blog or Untitled page are not descriptive enough.

A more descriptive title would be "[name of organization]'s Blog",

2.  A date on your posts

This is something that many blogs are not including.  Readers would like to know when you wrote each post and if your blog is current.

3. An archive

Don't hide your old posts! Don't just have one page of entries and not include links to previous entries.

Readers want to know how long your organization has had a blog and read your old entries. They want to know what you have accomplished over the years.

You can show links to your old posts in either in a sidebar or put page numbers on the bottom of the page.

4. A link back to your organization's website

Make sure that people who find your blog through an internet search or social media know that you have a website too.  Make it easy for them to get to your website.  Don't make them take an extra step to search the internet to see if you have one.

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