Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NTC Session - Classrooms Without Walls: Methods for Online Learning

The first session I attended at the Nonprofit Technology Conference was Classrooms Without Walls: Methods for Online Learning. I wanted to attend this session since my goal in the future is to develop e-learning and online training. I was curious to learn the different ways nonprofits were implementing online learning.

Most of this session was a review for me since I studied Instructional Systems Technology in college.

Here is some background information:

  • Online learning can be asynchronous or synchronous
  • Online courses can be full courses or by modules
  • Online learning can be in lecture format
  • Games can be used to learn more about a topic
  • Blogs can be a form of online learning
  • The learning/training can be individualized
  • People have different styles of learning and different learning styles can be used in online learning

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