Sunday, April 15, 2007

NTC Session - Web 2.0 for Communities

One of the sessions I attended at NTC was Web 2.0 for Communities, which is a topic I am very interested in.

American Cancer Society was used as an example of a nonprofit that used Web 2.0 technologies. Here is more information about their experience:

  • They defined their community. This consisted of anyone affected by cancer, events, volunteers & donors, and location
  • They researched the blogosphere and went to where people were. They started using tools like MySpace and Second Life.
  • They recently launched an online community at It has an rss feed which is from the ACS website. Their most popular feature is the gallery which allows users to share photos. Volunteers helped spread the word about this new community.
  • Relay for Life started on Second Life because a volunteer asked for this. They raised $5,000 their first year and $41,000 their second year.

Things to Do:

  • Find out what online communities people use
  • Find out what donors and volunteers do on these websites
  • Find people who are talking about the topic/issue on the Internet and connect with them
  • Use Technorati to find blogs about the topics/issue
  • Comment on blogs and provide a link to the organization

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